March 5 2002,
Release for <<<<LAND/MIND>>>>

Bulldozers dance in the dusty sun, snorting Diesels gouging Mother Earths natural envelopes: Mans necessity to transform the Landscape into another vain monument. This observation of the blue collar ballet, so prevalent in the non-placed suburban environment, as to be all but invisible to our surface conscience, if not for a flank of toppled Day-Glo orange cones. This curiousity of the unobserved vs. the observed prompted one man to park his razor midway thru a shave in order to sketch the initial gestures. The result was <<<<LAND/MIND>>>>, the latest project of conceptual artist Chris Pitman. The artist (still unshaven, incidentally) attended the University of Missouri (Studio Art Dept) and the Art Institute of Kansas City, where such notables as Jackson Pollock and Thomas Hart Benton had also, in their time, passed out drunk in the bushes.

Chris' first experience to Public art was as an intern to Internationally Renowned artist/provocateur, Les Levine in 1993. Levine's work 'Sex won't save you' was displayed as public art in the function of 32 Major Billboards throughout the KC

Metropolitan Area for over a month, this had displaced the fulfillment of commercial interaction with the consuming masses, thus to say the least, created a major stur in public discussion on the function and uses of art and sponsorships of the arts. After this he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his art in the musical realm, playing with bands ZAUM, Replicants and in 1997 was nominated for a Grammy for Art Direction with his band LUSK. Next he joined Guns n Roses for writing, recording and performing live in the bands latest musical endeavor.

2002 brings a new series of Art/Music Installations: the sight, sound and smell of one persons backyard to anothers.

Site specific formalities such as <<<<LAND/MIND>>>> fuses together multiple art mediums, evident in this latest assault on spartan gallery walls. All that is necessary to experience this new construct is to bring a hard hat, have a drop of the creature and the ability to obtain the unobtainable.