Kelly Wheeler - guitars
Marko Fox - bass
Ryan Brown - drums
Chris Pitman - vocals, guitar synth
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Danny Carey (drums), Marko Fox (bass), Chris (vocal, guitar, electronics) ZAUM is an improvised experiment rolling thru caverns and crevices, did a tour opening for Tool...
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Replicants -  Destination Unknown


A record of Cover songs demolished by the likes of Chris, Paul Damour (Tool), Ken Andrews (Failure), and Greg Edwards (Failure)...
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Guns N' Roses

Guns N’ Roses

Since the time of Lusk, I became involved with the numerous publishing companies here in LA that would pair songwriters together for recording projects, these included EMI,...
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Lusk - Free Mars

Lusk: Free Mars

Grammy nominated for Best Recording Package 1997

Chris Pitman - lead vocals, bass, guitar,
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Sony Panic


Whilst the stalled 'LUSK' was to be figured out, Chris started playing with this band featuring Jacqui (Vocals), Paul Ill (bass), Josh (drums), Chris on Guitar. Playing around...
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